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B.S. Agarwal

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Electricity And Magnetism (Q&A)


Rs.370 Ex Tax: Rs.370

1. Charge and Matter; 2. The Coulomb's Low; 3. The Electric Field; 4. Gauss's Law and its Application; 5. Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy; 6. Van De Graff Generator; 7. Divergence and..

Oscillations And Waves(Q&A)


Rs.190 Ex Tax: Rs.190

1. Simple Harmonic Oscillations; 2. Two-Body Oscillations; 3. Addition of Simple Harmonic Motions: Lissajous' Figures; 5. Circuit Transients: Electrical Oscillations: Ballistic Galvanometer and Fluxme..

Optics (Q&A)


Rs.220 Ex Tax: Rs.220

GEOMETRICAL OPTICS: 1. Fermat's Principle of Extremum Path; 2. Cardinal Points and Planes of an Optical System; 3.Combination of Two Thin Lenses; 4. Thick Lenses; S.Chromatic Aberration; 6. Monochroma..

Mechanics (Q&A)


Rs.475 Ex Tax: Rs.475

VECTOR ANALYSIS: 1. Vector: Addition and Subtraction; 2. Scalar and Vector Products of Vectors; 3. Vectors and Laws of Physics : Polar and Axial Vectors; 4. Triple and Quadruple Products; 5. Reciproca..

Thermal Physics (Q&A)


Rs.270 Ex Tax: Rs.270

1. Thermal Equilibrium and Zeroth Law; 2. Scale of Temperature; 3. Specific Heat; 4. Heat and Work: First Law of Thermodynamics; 5. Properties of an Ideal Gas: Specific Heats: Isothermal and Adiabatic..

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