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Operations Research Theory, Methods and Applications

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Unit-1: Pre-study And Development Of Operations Research; Unit-2: Linear Programming And Its Applications;Unit-3: Probability And Statistics For Managerial Decisions;Unit-4: Q..

Tags: operations research theory, methods and applications

Unit-1: Pre-study And Development Of Operations Research; 
Unit-2: Linear Programming And Its Applications;
Unit-3: Probability And Statistics For Managerial Decisions;
Unit-4: Quantitative Techniques In Operations Research;
Unit-5: Non-linear And Dynamic Programming
Unit-6: Management Applications In Operations Research
Unit-7: Computer Application In Operations Research
Unit-8: Work Studies And Appendices

Unit 1: Pre-study And Development Of Operations Research: I - Vectors And Linear Algebra; Ii - Matrices And Determinants; Iii - Linear Simultaneous Equations; Iv - Difference Equations; 2. Whatis Operations Research?; 
Unit 2: Linear Programming And Its Applications: 3. Linear Programming Problem (formulation And Graphical Method); 4. Convex Sets (analytic Method); 5. Simplex Method: Theory & Applications; 6. Revised Simplex Method; 7. Duality; 8. The Dual Simplex Method; 9. Primal-dual Method; 10. Parametric Linear Programming; 11. Upper Bound Technique; 12. Interiorpoint Algorithm; 13. Sensitivity (post-optimality); 14. Integer Linear Programming (cutting Planemethod & Branch-and-bound Method); 15. Transportation Problems; 16. Assignment Problems; 17. Goal Programming (multi-criteria Decisionproblems); 
Unit 3: Probability And Statistics For Managerial Decisions: 18. Probability Theory; 19. Probability Distribution; 20. Markov Analysis; 21. Simulation(monte-carlo Technique); 22. Decision Analysis; 23. Statistical Quality Control; 
Unit 4: Quantitative Techniques In Operations Research: 24. Theory Of Games; 25. Inventory Control-i (deterministicinventory Models); 26. Inventory Control-ii (probabilistic Inventory Models & Abc Analysis); 27. Replacement And Reliability Models; 28. Queueing Theory (waiting Line Models); 29. Sequencing; 30. Network Techniques; 31. Project Managementby Pert-cpm; 32. Informationtheory; 
Unit 5: Non-linear And Dynamic Programming: 33. Non-linear Optimization Techniques (lagrangian Method & Kuhn-tucker Conditions); 34. Non-linear Programming Problem (formulation And Graphical Method); 35. Quadratic Programming (wolfe’sand Beale’s Method); 36. Directsearch And Descentmethods; 37. Stochastic Programming; 38. Geneticalgorithm; 39. Heuristic Methods; 
Unit 6: Management Applications In Operationsresearch: 40. Introduction To Engineering Management; 41. Functions Of Technology Management; 42. Management Projects; 43. Professional Communication; 44. Introduction To Patents And Intellectual Propertyright; 45. Metaheuristics; 46. Input-output Analysis; 47. Value Analysis And Value Engineering; 48. Separable Programming; 49. Geometricprogramming; 50. Fractional Programming; 51. Dynamic Programming; 
Unit 7: Computer Applications In Operations Research: 52. Timeseriesandforecasting; 53. Computer Fundamentals And Programs In ‘c’; 
Unit 8: Work Studies: Work Study-1: Pumpingscheme On Saurashtra Branch Canalof Sardar Sarovar Project; Work Study-2: Network Analysis Of Narmada River Project Ofgujarat; Appendix-a : Anew Method Forinitial Solution Of Transportation Problem; Appendix-b. Numerical Tables (table 1—table 12); Appendix-c. Selected References

Author S.D. Sharma, Himanshu Sharma
ISBN 978-93-80803-38-8
Pages 1556

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