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A Text Book Of Chemistry Vol-1 (With Practicals)


Rs.170 Ex Tax: Rs.170

Unit-I (Inorganic Chemistry) 1.s-Block Elements; 2.p-Block Elements; 3.General Principles of Inorganic Qualitative Analysis.Unit-II (Organic Chemistry) 4.Structural Theory in Organic Chemistry; 5.Acyc..

A Text Book of Chemistry Vol.-III (Theory & Practical)


Rs.200 Ex Tax: Rs.200

1.Chemistry of f-Block Elements; 2.Symmetry of Molecules; 3.Non Aqueous Solvents; 4.Theories of Bonding in Metals; 5.Alcohols; 6.Ethers and Epoxides; 7.Carbonyl Compounds; 8.Phase Rule; 9.Colloids and..

A Text Book of Microbiology (Microbial Genetics & Molecular Biology) Theory & Practical


Rs.180 Ex Tax: Rs.180

1.DNA Structure and Replication; 2.DNA Damage and Repair & Gene Transfer; 3.Gene Expression; 4.Recombinant DNA TechnologyLab Course..

Classical Mechanics


Rs.460 Ex Tax: Rs.460

1. Preliminary Mathematical Concepts : Vectors; 2. Classical Machanics of Charged Particles; 3. Conservation Theorems in Classsical Machanics; 4. Frames of Reference; 5. Simple Mec..

Real Analysis


Rs.230 Ex Tax: Rs.230

1.Introduction; 2.The Riemann Stieltjes Integral; 3.Uniform Convergence of Sequence and Series of Functions; 4.Power Series; 5.Functions of Several Variables; 6.Differential Forms and Stokes Theorem..

Quantum Mechanics


Rs.500 Ex Tax: Rs.500

1. Origin of Quantum Theory; 2. Foundamental of wave Mechanics; 3. Fourier Techniques and Momentum Representation; 4. Wave Packets And The Uncertainty Principle;&nbs..

Elements of Nuclear Physics


Rs.490 Ex Tax: Rs.490

1. Nuclear Detectors; 2. Particle Accelerators; 3. General Properties of Atomic Nuclei; 4. Two Body Problem and Nuclear Forces; 5. Nuclear Models; 6. Radioactivity; 7. Alpha-R..

Solid State Physics


Rs.400 Ex Tax: Rs.400

1. Elements of Crystal Structure; 2. Diffraction of X-rays by Crystals; 3. Crystal Type and Crystal Binding; 4. Elastic Constants of Crystals; 5. Lattice Vibrations; 6. T..

Statistical Mechanics


Rs.450 Ex Tax: Rs.450

1. Concepts of Thermodynamics; 2. Thermodynamical Relation With Applications; 3. Concepts of Thermal Radiation; 4. Concepts of Heat Conduction; 5. Kinetic Theory of Glases; 6...

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