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A Text Book of Physical Chemistry Vol.-I


Rs.190 Ex Tax: Rs.190

Unit-l: 1. Mathematical Concepts; 2. Computers; Unit-ll: 3, Gaseous State; 4. Liquid State; Unit-Ill: 5. Solid State; 6. Colloidal State; Unit-IV: 7. Chemical Kinetics; 8. Catalysis; Annexure...

Functions of a Complex Variable


Rs.460 Ex Tax: Rs.460

1. Complex Number; 2. Analytic Functions; 3. Conformal Representation; 4. Some Special Transformations; 5. Complex Integration; 6. Zeros and Singularities of a Function; 7. Meromorphic Functions; 8. T..

Plant Taxonomy & Embryology (With Practical Manual))


Rs.220 Ex Tax: Rs.220

Unit-1: 1.Fundamental Components of Taxonomy (Identification Nomenclature, Classification); 2.Taxonomic Resources-Herbarium, Functions And Important Herbarium, Botanical Gardens, Flora-Single Access a..

A Text Book of Electricity, Magnetism & Electronics Paper-V (With Lab Experiments and Viva Voce)


Rs.280 Ex Tax: Rs.280

1. Electric field Intensity and potential; 2. Dielectrics; 3. Electric and magnetic fields; 4. Electromagnetic Induction; 5. Alternating currents and electromagnetic waves; 6. Maxwell's equations; 7. ..

A Text Book of Modern Physics Paper-VI (with Lab Experiments) Andhra Edition


Rs.200 Ex Tax: Rs.200

1. Atomic and molecular physics; 2. Matter waves & Uncertainty Principle; 3. Quantum (wave) mechanics; 4. General Properties of Nuclei; 5. Radioactivity decay; 6. Crystal Structure; 7. Superconduc..

A Text Book of Thermodynamics (with Lab Experiments) Semester-III


Rs.170 Ex Tax: Rs.170

1. Kinetic Theory of Gases; 2. Thermodynamics; 3. Thermodynamics Potentials and Maxwell’s Equations; 4. Low Temperature Physics; 5. Quantum Theory of Radiation; 6. Statistical Mechanics; 7. Exp..

A Text Book Of Animal Distribution & Developmental Biology


Rs.340 Ex Tax: Rs.340

Unit I.: Cell Biology 1. Structure and Function of Cell; 2. Biomembranes : Plasma Membrane (Ultrastructure); Unit II. Cell Biology 3. Endomembrane System or Internal Membrane System and Endoplasmic Re..

A Text Book of Environmental Science


Rs.210 Ex Tax: Rs.210

1.Introduction to Environmental Studies; 2.Ecosystems, Structure and Function; 3.Natural Resources; 4.Biodiversity and Its Conservation; 5.Environmental Pollution; 6.Environmental Policies & Pract..

A Text Book of Zoology Chordata


Rs.230 Ex Tax: Rs.230

Unit-l: 1. Chordata: An Introduction:  Introduction; General Characters of Chordata; Classification; 2. Hemichordata: Balanoglossus = Tongue worm - Type Study; Affinities with others; 3. Cephaloc..

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